The Chairman
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The Artistic Creativenesses
Our Future
Why in English ?


The Chairman


Xavier Bonsergent was determinated to involve himself in the work of cabinet making and marquetry field.
Trained by the main famous school: “Ecole BOULLE” in Paris, he was graduated and directly set up his firm in 1989.

The firm

Prototype Concept provides the one and only and made to measure furniture and fixtures. Many years of factoring experience allows us to meet specifics products designed by designers, our mission, and achieved our values: to work together to make first class products.

His choices

> Partnership

Xavier Bonsergent decided at the beginning to work closely with talented designers, enable to create new products following a strong creativ trend.
This partnership means a long-term relationship in which are sharing innovatives projects and new technical conceptions, on the basis of mutual trust.

> A « sole copy » designing for each client is the goal.

Company profile: The firm Prototype Concept

The factory

A new factory, an “atelier” of 500 m2, was built in 1999, taking into account at first in its conception environmental factors: a drawing up hood among the factory was installed for drawing up the shavings.
Health and safety (EHS) standards, hygiene and environmental protection in accordance with the new regulations is operating. In this way, we create effects that improve the quality of life of our employes, and furthermore the high quality of our products.

An innovative crew

Our ebenists’ team, their creativity and innovative skills, are the main strength of Prototype Concept. We understand the changes, new forms and another wood conceptions, and this “do it as we expect” culture are key assets.

The tolls

We implemented thirty units post stations to factory all pieces used for the finished products.
A closed varnishing room with its own storage area is at disposal in the factory and a moulding area, where moulds are made for each specific need.
Additionaly a Show-room presents the main models.


Qualified suppliers play a key role in the process, contributing in supplying right and good quality wood and raw materials that we purchase.


Taking into account that each product is specific, we have to manage every day our know-how to improve ourself.

Business segments

Our core competencies , our know-how, enable us to offer added value to our partners through practical solutions closed to their initial projects. Each segment allows to joint skills and is a strenght for our team.

> Prototype
> Furniture and fixtures

The partners

The designers contact us to suggest new specific furniture and fixtures. Today, know-how, trust and perfect product results are our main goals.

The artistic creativenesses

Our additional competitive advantages are to understand all designers’ plans, to discuss about bringing some technical changes and schedule the work to be “in time”.

Our future

New partners, such as artists will complete our creative talents to respond to new needs and wants our future international clients. And therefore, to make to measure additional new products.

Why our firm presentation is in English ?

We want to present our realizations, to go further and meet new opportunities in terms of new projects and news creative conceptions. We act on designers’ and artists’ needs for identifying and anticipating new creative market opportunities all over the world.